She Never Uttered a Word

– DeBorah

She knew it instinctively. She could feel it. It was a feeling that occupied her entire being, and it hurt. It was obvious that he didn’t love her anymore. A thousand questions raced through her mind. When did he stop? Why? Will he love me again? Can it be worked out? She then asked herself the ultimate question, was there another woman? The thought jolted her. Jennifer Ashby wanted her marriage to work, but it was time for her to take off the blinders and truly see her husband, Kevin, for what he was: no good. Upon learning that that their six-year marriage meant nothing more to him than her death, Jen needed a beacon to guide her out of her dark and tenebrous situation. Who better to lead her than Audrey-her sister, her protector, and her friend? Struggling to make sense out of what is happening in her marriage, she realizes that her very life hinges on the balance of Kevin’s infidelity and the undeniable truth that money can give new meaning to the words ’till death do us part. Jen is caught up in a nightmare of cause and circumstance with no way out except one. What do you do when he no longer loves you? When his actions display words not heard? One sister knew the answer, but She Never Uttered a Word