About Deborah

DeBorah is a freelance writer, blogger, content writer, and novelist with over 70 published works in the Guardian Liberty Voice, MORE Magazine, WE Magazine, Huffing ton Post, Contently, and the Front Porch Review, with more featured work forthcoming.

For many years she has written for others and has been the “voice of the voiceless.” It’s now her turn to be heard. She has one novel on the shelves, “She Never Uttered A Word,” a murder mystery, and has two books scheduled for release in 2020.

Look for DeBorah’s story in the Fall Issue of P.O.W.E.R. – (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) a quarterly print and digital magazine. The magazine features celebrities, icons and everyday hardworking women from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicity.

DeBorah has been married seven times. Once an interviewer asked her, “have you really been married seven times?” “YES,” she replied. “Each time that I divorce my husband in my mind – he does something wonderful, and I MARRY HIM all over again.” She also has two special loves in her life, her daughter, Ashley and her granddaughter, Nyla.

She majored in English at the University of Pennsylvania and also attended the Long Ridge Writers Group in Redding Ridge, Connecticut. “The schooling has helped to hone my skill as a writer,” she says, “But I thank God for gifting me with ‘clarity of thought’ and blessing me with stories worth telling.”

A former radio host, she hosted her internet radio show, ‘Let’s Talk About It,’ in 2018.Nowadays, whenever she takes a ‘SHORT’ break from writing, you can listen to her on W.R.G.G., 93.7- FM, several times and a week, on the Rashaw Alston Radio Program.

First time I saw my book in print

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DeBorah At W.R.G.G. 93.7 FM


Me and a few of my book club members

One of my real book clubs.